Teaser: What Once Was Home, Chapter 4

According to his protestations, George got exactly what he wanted for a couple of days. All of them grew weary of riding, and bored from the lack of any other activity. The road that they were now on had once been a major interstate, four lanes stretching out before them with a wide median in the center and forest on either side. There were abandoned cars scattered about, some that perhaps simply ran out of gas, others that bore signs of attack. The pavement was cracked and pockmarked in many places, and nature was attempting to reclaim what man had abandoned. Grass reached up through the cracks, and the growth in the median and along the shoulders was high and untamed. The abandoned, rusting cars bore a bleak contrast to the natural beauty of the countryside. The highway itself, even, seemed like a black scar running through an otherwise pristine valley.

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