The Ravencrest Chronicles

I just finished the rough draft of the first novella in a new short fiction series called The Ravencrest Chronicles. It is a melding of dark fantasy and urban fantasy inspired by the pulp fiction popular in the first half of the 1900’s.

The first book, Seahaven, establishes the setting and introduces a broad cast of characters. Central in this book is Gareth, a thief who becomes a reluctant anti-hero. The setting is the city of Seahaven, a port city full of squalor, sailors, and sin.

The style of this prose is purposefully colorful and dramatic. It is light on thematic allegory and heavy on action. It’s a romping good time full of vampires, pirates, and other fun stuff. Editing begins on this today and I plan to publish on Amazon soon!


The planned second book is The Hunter’s Apprentice, wherein our hero Gareth takes a young orphan boy under his wing and teaches him to hunt the creatures of the night.


Plans are for The Giant And The Fishes to be the third book, which will tell the backstory of Fergus, one of my favorite characters from Seahaven. We will find out how the huge man became the humble proprietor of the Two Fishes Inn, the most disreputable watering hole in all of the city.


Finally, I’ll be working on short stories to fill the pages of Tales From The Lusty Mermaid. The namesake tavern is the favorite spot for Gareth to wet his throat, and all sorts of tall tales can be heard here.


I hope that everyone have as much fun reading Seahaven as I have had writing it. I can’t wait to start work on The Hunter’s Apprentice and the other books in the series.

I also have plans brewing for other pulp fiction inspired short fiction series in the genres of military science fiction, sword and sorcery, and historical occult horror (set during the American Civil War!)

All of these volumes will be light reads, perfect for a lazy afternoon. The physical printings should make for handsome collections, and though small in page count they will be attractively priced!

Follow for updates on the progress of these and other books, and to be the first to know when they are available for order!

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