Seahaven, coming soon

Seahaven is now under review with the printer. Below is the official blurb.

Gareth Vann is an accomplished thief in the city of Seahaven. He is mostly concerned with coin and drink, but does have an altruistic streak. He never intended to be a hero, though, until an encounter with vampyre, dreaded undead creatures of the night. Now, he finds himself trapped in the middle of a conspiracy that reaches all the way to the highest levels of nobility and must reluctantly hunt the creatures of the night the only way he knows how: from the shadows.

Seahaven is the first book in The Ravencrest Chronicles, a series of pulp fiction inspired novels, novellas, and short fiction set in the coastal city of Seahaven. Thieves, pirates, cutthroats, and scoundrels await, along with nefarious evil-doers and the endless ranks of the undead in Seahaven.


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