Four Free Book Promotions

Hello!  Thank you for reading this, and I have more for you to read!

Tales from the Lusty Mermaid is free for Kindle on Amazon this weekend to celebrate its launch!  Remember, you can read Kindle books on any device using a Kindle app, even your cell phone!

But wait!  That’s not all!  The covers for Seahaven, The Hunter’s Apprentice, and The Giant and the Fishes have all been redesigned!  To celebrate this, they are all free in Kindle format this weekend as well!

You can find all four free eBooks here!

I am getting nothing in return from these giveaways, but I do humbly ask that you tell your friends about this offer, and once you read the books tell them how much you like them.  Also, reviews are the life’s blood of the literary world.  If you would be kind enough to leave an honest review on Amazon that would be most beneficial.  Leaving one on Goodreads helps very much, as well!

Thank you!  And happy reading!


Seahaven Ad.png

Hunters Apprentice Ad.png

Giant and Fishes Ad

Lusty Mermaid Ad.png


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