DLCs, mods, assets, and credit where credit is due. While not a complete list, I hope to share the key elements that are helping to make Village Park Estates come to life.

DLCs Installed

After Dark, Mass Transit, Snowfall, Parklife, Industries, University City Content Creator Pack, Match Day, Pearls from the East (probably won’t use unless I make a “Chinatown” district, but it’s installed so it’s on the list).

The Map

Map: Steeltown – Vanilla Map by MrMiyagi
Theme: Realistic V1.5.5 Temperate by Captain Soap
LUT: Realistic LUT V1.2 by Captain Soap


I’ll be listing out a few of the essentials that I feel are game-changing cornerstones of expanding the game, but with fifty-three mods installed, I could write a whole series of articles just describing them all. For a full list, check out the collection link at the bottom of this section.

Expanding the Options

All Spaces Unlockable by Klyte45; All Tile Start from johnrom; Building Themes by boformer; Find It! 2 and Fine Road Anarchy 2.0.2 by sway; Move It by Quboid; Network Extensions 2 by sniggledigit; Ploppable RICO Revisited 2.3.4 by algernon,; Prop & Tree Anarchy, Quay Anarchy, and Prop Snapping by BloodyPenguin; Prop Line Tool [PLT] (vAlpha) by Alterran; and Procedural Objects by Simon Ryr.

Making it Pretty

Daylight Classic by BloodyPenguin, First Person Camera: Updated by tony56a (Without this, none of my screenshots would be possible. Thank you!), Hide It! by Keallu, Unlock LandScaping by pcfantasy.

Running the Simulation

Advanced Vehicle Options (Sunset Harbor) by Tim, Improved Public Transport 2 by BloodyPenguin, Real Time by dymanoid, andTM:PE V11 STABLE (Traffic Manager: President Edition) by Krzychu1245.

A little cheaty? GrantMeMoney by the weatherman is on my modlist. I try to use this very sparingly, as I want to run a realistic simulation with a balanced budget. Still, we’re going to need some state/federal grants and corporate investors to get things off the ground!

For the full list, find my Core Mods collection on the Steam Workshop.


Again, I’m not going to list every asset I’m using. As of my last load, there were a little over five-hundred of them! A lot are dependencies for major assets like buildings, and a lot are general go-to items for enhancing options. Here’s a highlight of what I feel are the keystones to making Village Park Estates what it is. At the end of this section is a link to my asset collection specific to Village Park Estates on the Steam Workshop.

Architecture: Fulfilling the Vision

Residential/Commercial: Modular commercial, mixed-use, modular apartments, condos, townhouses, and rowhouses by Smilies; Ocean City Apartments, Highrise, & Commons by KingLeno; Soviet panel blocks by PALiX; Soviet residential by ///Eurasia_HHHR///; The Horizon Residences by MeteorDaddy, various H Residential buildings by Lokon, and HDB residential buildings by Ali Cafe hao YEAH!.

Services/Offices: Doctor’s Office, Fire Station, Police Station, Fire Department, Police Headquarters, University Hospital, University of Science and Technology, Public Library, and offices by Senfkorn.

Education/Industrial: Elementary and high schools by JSF-1; BTB Community College by BachToBaroque, Rocky Vista City College by Badi_Dea; and Modular Prewar Warehouse Pack by donoteat.


Various Soviet wall mosaics and posters by IsDanBall. A bunch of various statues, fountains, etc, thanks to dabaofu, Gèze, Kliekie, Mthrax, PeterBar, Don B, UK122, Ahmad Walker, REVO, spinoza73, AmiPolizeiFunk, and Lost Gecko. Quays from Avanya. Leafy Tree Set and Regular Bushes by pdelmo. They are everywhere. I can’t stress how much some great looking trees and bushes just make the city come alive!

Transit & Parking

Polygon’s Train Stations and Central Tram Station by Polygon; CimTaxi Depot, CimTaxi Prop Pack 1, and 2011 Town Car Taxi by ninjanoobslayer; NTE – Falcon Bus Station by spinoza73; N-Link Citadis Tram by Strictoaster; and Alstom Citadis 302 & 402 by LordGruny. Modern Parking Garage and Modern Parking Garage (8-Story) by KingLeno. Parking Lots of various sizes by Crazyglueit.

Most of the primary assets for the project are in my Post-Modern Modernism collection.

Click here to view the first entry in the city-building journal:
City-Building VPA 1: Seeding the City


Click here to return to the index for City-Building: Village Park Estates


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