Short fiction has always been a passion of mine. Some of the earliest fiction I fell in love with was the works of Edgar Allan Poe. From there, I was enamored by the speculative fiction anthologies published in the 1970s and 1980s. Eventually, I discovered the trove of short fiction published in pulp magazines in the early twentieth century.

I’m proud to have had the opportunity to help gather together some of today’s most innovative voices into a number of brand new anthologies that both celebrate what has come before and forge ahead with innovative new ideas.

All of these anthologies are available from Kyanite Publishing. Click on the covers to get your copy today!

This special digest from the Kyanite Press is packed full of modern-age fairy tales, fables, cautionary tales, and other fantastic stories.  Some hearken back to the fairy tales of our youths, while others draw inspiration from ancient folklore. Others, still, put a modern – and sometimes dark – spin on one of our most treasured and antiquated forms of storytelling.  Any fan of these kinds of stories will not want to miss this!

Strange clouds on the horizon herald the coming of the swarm. The undulating masses of the hoard cannot be stopped. The world ends in a frenzy of death and miasma of terror, but what will become of the remnants of humanity?

Every world holds darkness in the shadowed corners of reality. In some worlds, darkness is all there is. From the unknown lurking over the horizon to what dwells in the dark below a city, some of the most engaging moments in fantasy fiction blur a line with horror. Dark fantasy embraces this and creates something both fantastic and terrifying. Join us in exploring eight novelettes that delve into the dark and explore worlds of fantasy that don’t reserve nightmares merely for the night. Have your sword ready, because danger lurks in every shadow.

From the community of the award-winning online worldbuilding service – World Anvil – comes a collection of novelettes that span the breadth of imagination and beyond. Explore ten realms of the fantastic through the eyes of those who inhabit them, each showcasing a creation from World Anvil’s extraordinary community.

One man’s cog in the machine may be another’s exploit to hack.

Since the 1980s, Punk fiction has captured the hearts and minds of readers. Whether looking for another time and place to escape to, or hoping our own future might hold the seeds of revolution, these genres have bucked both the trends of speculative fiction and the conventions of society.

Join us with four tales that explore two of the most common punk genres: steampunk and cyberpunk; along with one that may introduce you to something new: clockpunk!

So sit back, plug into the net, and get the gears turning; because the world may never look the same again.

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