Video Interviews

Sociology and Fantasy Cultures, an interview with Jesper Schmidt on Am Writing Fantasy (formerly Fane of Fantasy.)

Audio Interviews

A Cold War Podcast - Dead Hand Radio

Dead Hand Radio: Episode 2 – BK. Bass and Weapons of Mass Destruction

BK Bass Interview

Matt and Haley’s Garage of Horror

Deadwood Interviews: Episode 1 – B.K. Bass (Kyanite Publishing)

The Shameless Plugs Podcast with special guest B.K. Bass

Worldcasting Podcast

You can also find B.K. as a regular on the Worldcasting Podcast, presented by Worldbuilding Magazine.

Text Interviews

Interviews from the Void #49 by Arthur Macabe.

Interview: Author B.K. Bass by Andrew Hall.

An Interview with B.K. Bass by Sam Hendricks.

Author Interview: B.K. Bass by D.J. at MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape

Interview With an Author: B.K. Bass by The Wet Ink Project.

Author Interview with B.K. Bass by The Sorcerer of Tea.

world anvil logo

On 11/15/2018, B.K. was the subject of a live Community Spotlight question and answer session on the World Anvil Discord server.


Underground Book Reviews

SHELFIES, with B.K. Bass of Kyanite Publishing by Underground Book Reviews.

An Interview with B.K. Bass by Hawk and Young.

A Slice of Cake With B.K. Bass by Claire Buss.

An extra Slice of Cake With B.K. Bass by Claire Buss.