Anthologies Featuring B.K. Bass

Embark on exciting adventures, delve into supernatural mysteries, explore fantastic lands, and even revisit the old west! In the pages of these anthologies, you’ll find entertaining and thought-provoking short stories and novelettes from the mind of B.K. Bass.

Loathsome Voyages: An Anthology of Weird Fiction

A blood-soaked writing desk. A town where going missing is ominously routine. A portal to another dimension within a mirror. Inside these pages are tales of gods and monsters, of madness and obsession, of passion and unknowable terrors. Loathsome Voyages presents tales ranging from the delectably dark to the shockingly surreal. Some possess an uncanny horror, others a frightful beauty. All are journeys into strange worlds from which you may never return.

Featuring “Into the Maw of Darkness” by B.K. Bass

1850: When a private investigator heads to a small town in Maine to search for a missing debutante, he discovers a mystery one-hundred years in the making. What will he find when he ventures Into the Maw of Darkness?

Novelette. Horror, Historical.

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Under New Suns: Tales from the year Between Volume 2

After generations of warfare against the ominous Swarm, the United Planetary Alliance settles on a desperate gambit—send a squad of Marines to steal one of the Swarm’s bio-organic battleship. However, it turns out the ship isn’t merely alive, but fully sentient… and it has a mission of its own. As the ship leaps across the galaxy, dimensions, and eventually reality itself, the crew has a new goal—stay alive!

Featuring “Shackles of the Mind” by B.K. Bass

Private First Class Jenkins didn’t sign up for this shit. Stuck on an alien ship lost in space, standard-issue anti-anxiety drugs soon become his only solace. But they are only the first step on a downward spiral of addiction as Jenkins begins to hear a voice in his head. Is the ship itself reaching out to him, or has his drug-addled descent finally led to madness?

Short Story. Science Fiction. Military Science Fiction. Space Opera.

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In the Wake of the Kraken: Tales from the year Between Volume 3

Set sail for adventure across four pirate filled worlds! From galleons to steampunk airships to faster-than-light starships, come join Skullgate Media as we navigate the waters of the multiverse…

Pirates exist across every version of reality. Whether they are sailing a steampunk zeppelin, exploring a magic underwater grotto, or crewing a space station near a black hole, these pirates share a swashbuckling sense of adventure that crosses all bounds of space and time.

Featuring “What We Dare to Behold” by B.K. Bass

Wilhelm has finally found it! After years of study, he’s discerned the location of a legendary pool of water—in which one sees the truth of their own death. But to confirm his deductions, he needs a ship and a crew. Then, they’ll have to sail the skies south to Kimichula, an exotic tropical island that was once home to a sprawling empire. Here, amidst the ruins, Wilhelm hopes to find the Font of Souls.

Short Story. Steampunk, Thriller.

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Winter Wonders

There’s something magical about venturing out into the chill, something deeply comforting about returning to the warmth afterwards. And, of course, something vaguely sinister about the long darkness…

These stories capture all of those aspects of winter. Some are dark, with the kind of cold teeth that’ll gnaw off your flesh and turn your bones into crackling, disintegrating lumps of ice. Some are warmer, like sitting by a fireside and draining a cup of something hot and sweet while sleet pounds at the windows from outside.

Enjoy your adventures into winter’s depths. We’ll make sure you come home safe!

Featuring “The Child Thief” by B.K. Bass

The first appearance of Steinar the Scarred!

As a lone warrior wanders the land on a lifelong quest for vengeance, he stops for the night in a small village. But things quickly prove to be anything but idyllic for the small community. The children are missing, and the village elder begs Steinar to find them. Travelling up the mountain, the grizzled warrior must face his own demons before he can face the village’s.

Novelette. Dark Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery.

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Star Crossed: An Anthology of Romantic Science Fiction

An anthology of romantic science fiction inspired by a common theme of space, imagination, and connection.

All profits from Star Crossed will be donated to the International Red Cross. For more information on how the ICRC works across the world, please visit their information page.

Featuring “Far From Home” by B.K. Bass

Descendants of humanity with a forgotten history orbit a distant star. When their first astronaut travels to a cloud- and mystery-shrouded moon, will he unlock a bright future or unveil secrets of their past?

Short Story. Science Fiction, Planetary Romance.

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Dark Magic

A collection of dark fantasy drabbles! But, what is a drabble? A drabble is a story of exactly one-hundred words; according to the publisher, “Think of these as a moment in time, a glance through a darkened window.”

Featuring “The Saga of the Dreadspire” by B.K. Bass

A series of five linked drabbles exploring the rise, fall, and legacy of a cursed tower in the center of a troubled city. From troubled construction to intrepid explorers delving into the ruins to legends told to warn away curious children, there’s something sinister lying within the land upon which the Dreadspire is built.

Drabbles. Dark Fantasy.

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Bounties, Beasts, and Badlands

The western landscape holds awesome and spectacular secrets. Between prairies and mountains, deserts and canyons, strange things happen. These are five tales of the fantastic, from the old west to the dystopian future, that share a glimpse of what might be if land told all.

Featuring “The Hattersfield Dilemma” by B.K. Bass

When Samuel Shepherd and his crew hole up in the town of Hattersfield for the night, they don’t expect to find a town plagued with a mystery. And when they start picking that mystery apart, they find more lurking in the darkness than monsters.

Novelette. Weird West.

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