The Night Trilogy: Book One

When a routine murder investigation turns up more questions than answers, detective Harold Jacobson finds himself trapped in the middle of a conspiracy.

Night Shift by B.K. Bass

In New Angeles, crime is part of the daily business of running the city. But when a routine murder investigation leads to more questions than answers, homicide detective Harold Jacobson finds himself unraveling a conspiracy that leads him to the highest echelons of the mob and the city government. As threads start to come together, the big picture is revealed to be more than he ever bargained for. As bullets start to fly from every direction, the only thing Harold knows for sure is that he isn’t being paid enough to deal with this.

Length: Novella, approx 120 pages
Genres: Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Crime Thriller

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Praise for Night Shift:

Classic nor with a dark twist. Highly enjoyable and entertaining. This series is going to be a classic that lives through the ages!
wickedwolf79 on Amazon (Verified Purchase) – 5 Stars

“From the outset, Bass nails the noir tone, building a near future New Angeles out of grime, crime, and disparity. The dialogue is witty and natural, the crime setup is classic pulp, and his protagonist is charismatic enough to cover the fact he is mostly unlikable.
My only complaint is born merely of anticipation. I want more!”
Chad Christy on Amazon – 5 Stars

“I laughed. I cried. I examined the story. I fell in love and became so involved I forgot I was reading and became one with the story. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for part 2…very creative and fun story.”
Phebe Yawson on Amazon – 5 Stars

“Night Shift made for a fun read. Bass has pulled the hard-boiled detective out of the past and present and dropped him head-first into an ugly future where the country has fallen apart. But for all the technology floating around in the story, human nature is still human nature and there are still bad people doing terrible things. It’s just the way the world works. There are still jerks, they just have better computers. And cyber-hookers.”
Eric Lahti on Goodreads – 5 Stars

“This is a well written book with compelling characters. BK did a wonderful job of building a believable in-depth world. His voice and descriptions added richness to a well-crafted tale. Unlike many detective novels, I didn’t find the plotline predictable. There were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing. Don’t be too worried about the ending since this is done in more of a chapbook style. Leaving you to wonder ‘what next?’.

Overall, I enjoyed reading it and I wish the next book was out already.”
Crystal Kirkham on Goodreads – 5 Stars

“What’s not to like about this book? It’s fast-paced, funny, dark and a real page turner. Night Shift is a unique combination of sci-fi and crime story. Looking forward to Book 2 of the trilogy so I can find out what happened to the main character.”
Willie Handler on Goodreads – 5 Stars

“Well color me satisfied! This page turner kept me guessing all the way to the end, through twists and turns of descriptive settings you are drawn into a world that blossoms in your mind. The only problem with it? It ends before the story is fully known… I have to wait for book 2!”
Michael Nadeau on Goodreads – 5 Stars

“Bass builds an engaging world in few words and drags the reader in. His characters are vivid against the cyberpunk world of New Angeles. I couldn’t put down this novella and when I got to the end, I was asking where’s the next one!?”
R. Leaf on Amazon – 5 Stars

“As always this author has a way with words. He makes you feel as if you are in the story. His imagination is so descriptive that you can smell, feel, and taste the environment. You also feel as if you are walking in the detectives shoes and living his life. I can’t stress this point enough. The ending in itself helps make my point about his imagination. I don’t think anyone saw that situation coming up. I know that I didn’t have a clue.

“Please hurry with the next book, I can’t wait. Thank you for a great story. I look forward to many more.”
May on Goodreads – 5-Stars

“Nightshift, book one by B.K. Bass, was a fun and exciting read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The story takes place in futuristic New Angelas, where homicide detective Harold Peterson is called to investigate the murder of a woman. His investigation tosses him into a hornets nest when he finds himself mixed up in the upper echelons of the mob.
B.K. has woven a story laced with humor, sci-fi, and leaves you expectant of the next book in the trilogy. I thoroughly enjoyed Nightshift. Five-stars!”
K.D. McNiven on Amazon – 5 Stars

“A fun, gritty “Dragnet” old-fashioned detective read. I really enjoyed this intriguing story for the pure fun of reading it. I found Night Shift to be a fast paced, smooth as a good scotch, easy reading detective story.
It is set in the future with a late 1940’s feel to – fedora, smoky room & glass of bourbon with a raspy narrator’s voice pulled off seamlessly by the author. A Detective Noir, solid who-dunnit & not a beat skipped.
I am looking forward to BK Bass’s next book in the series!”
Jill Squire on Goodreads – 5 Stars

“This novella kept me gripped from the dark beginning to the darker end. I need more, and I can’t wait for the sequel. All the best parts of noir and crime in a real and futuristic world. The MC, though rough around the edges and a little bitter, was still hugely likable and I rooted for him even when his actions were questionable at best. The mystery kept me guessing, and the following books will no doubt answer all the questions I still have.”
Kati Felix on Goodreads – 4 Stars

“Damn, what a thriller! This story is fast-paced, well-written and weaves a web more intricate than you’d expect for a book of this size. Worth picking up if you like a hard-boiled protagonist, urban grime and that hot pressure cooker vibe of an overcrowded dystopia.”
J.L. Peridot on Goodreads – 4 Stars