Follow the Tales of Durgan Stoutheart, a dwarven warrior who must not only learn what it means to be a hero, but a leader.  Born of a common family, he must struggle in a society built on oppressive caste systems to prove that he is worthy.



WarriorsofUnderstonesmallIn Warriors of Understone, Durgan must struggle to overcome his common birth and join the ranks of the warriors of legend.  The sprawling dwarven city of Understone lies deep beneath the mountains.  Plagued by threats both within and without, life is a constant struggle to survive and furious battle is around every corner.

Warriors of Understone

Available 3/08/2019
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In Companions of the Stone Road, Durgan is joined by a colorful cast of characters as he embarks on a quest to unify a lost outpost with the dwarven city of Understone.  Along the stone road, deep under the mountains, they must face threats lurking in every shadow.

Coming summer 2019