Companions of the Stone Road

The Tales of Durgan Stoutheart: Book Two

Companions of the Stone Road by B.K. Bass

MSRP: $4.85 eBook | $9.85 Paperback

Release Date: to be announced

Formats Available:  eBook & Paperback

ISBN:  to be announced

Genres: Fantasy, Heroic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy

Length: Novella – approx 150 pages.

Durgan has broken from the bonds of his caste-based society and become recognized as a warrior of Understone. As he works to train a new generation of warriors chosen for the merits of their worth rather than the circumstance of their birth, a new threat to the kingdom is gathering in the shadows under the mountains.

Joined by a rag-tag crew of misfits and outcasts, Durgan must travel the stone roads to discover the fate of a lost outpost. As he fights to prove his own worth and that of his recruits to a society that still views them with disdain; will he bring light to the darkness, or be consumed by the shadows?

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