Into the Red Wastes

The Burning Sands: Book Two

Into the Red Wastes by B.K. Bass

MSRP: $2.85

Release Date: TBA

Formats Available:  ebook.


Genres: Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery

Length: Novelette – Approx 40 pages.

Brego has finally returned to The Great Sand Sea, only to find his people in disarray. Threatened constantly by slaver  raids and orcish marauders, the Taerwyn nomads carefully consider their options. War looms on the horizon, and all of the chaos centers around the fate of one boy. Timik, son of one of the most powerful Taerwyn chieftains, has been taken by the orcs of the Red Wastes.

As his people prepare for a war that will surely see decimation on both sides, Brego and his new friends set out into the Red Wastes to search for Timik. Freeing the boy might be the only way to prevent bloodshed, but the boy himself harbors a terrible secret. Will Brego free Timik to prevent the coming war, or will he sacrifice the boy to prevent even greater horrors from being unleashed?

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