Coming this spring!

In the spirit of piracy, The Pirate King Duology will be absolutely free! Check back here to find out how to get your copies soon!

Venture two decades before the events of Seahaven and discover the story of Kholas: The pirate who became a thief. The thief who became a mentor. The mentor who became a hero.

Kholas is the first mate aboard the Sea Wolf, a notorious pirate ship, but he isn’t sure his sails are cut from the right cloth for the job. When the Sea Wolf races off in search of plunder, all they find is blood. Damned by a northern witch, Captain Dimitris and Kholas must race against time to discover a way to lift the curse before everyone they care about succumbs to the maelstrom of ill fate that now surrounds them.

While Dimitris ventures to the frozen north seeking to rid himself of the curse unraveling the threads of fate around him, Kholas adjusts to his new life in the shadows of Seahaven. But his old captain discovers the price of blood demanded by the northmen will soon be reaped upon the people of the city. With sails on the horizon, the two men must gather an armada of pirates and smugglers to defend their home and those they love.