In a city where mythical dangers lurk in the shadows, it falls upon the shoulders of thieves, pirates, and scoundrels to protect the downtrodden.

In the city of Seahaven, dark threats loom around every corner. In such a desperate place, it falls upon the shoulders of thieves, pirates, scoundrels, and even orphans to fight to protect the people from things lurking in the shadows.

Within these three novellas and a collection of short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, the world of The Ravencrest Chronicles comes to life with a level of gritty realism seldom seen in print.

Length: Omnibus, approx 250 pages
Genres: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Flintlock Fantasy, Action Adventure

The Ravencrest Chronicles Omnibus One includes the first four books of the series: Seahaven, The Hunter’s Apprentice, The Giant and the Fishes, and Tales From the Lusty Mermaid.

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Also available as a premium edition hardcover with alternative cover art, an extended introduction, and essays about the creation of the world of Seahaven and the characters that live there!

Praise for The Ravencrest Chronicles:
(From Amazon Reviewers)

“With all four of the Ravencrest novellas packed together, this may be the best way to explore B.K. Bass’s dark fantasy world.

We are introduced to Gareth, a talented thief with a heart of gold, and he leads us through the districts of the port city Seahaven. We are introduced to the shadowed alleyways and rain-slicked rooftops, but are quickly introduced to the horrors that rule the city and prey upon the unfortunate souls who live there.

The most enjoyable aspect of this collection was Bass’s ability to develop his world in sensational fashion. The sting of the cold rain, the slopping mud underfoot, the stench of rotting fish wafting in from the wharfs; we get to experience the visceral detail of the city from the first page to the last.

The character introductions are well-managed. Bass avoids an exponential explosion of names by developing each character as they are introduced. A detail at a time, each new face slowly becomes a person that we care about.

On the whole, this collection is a great experience. Great stories, great characters, and an amazing world to explore. “

“Excellent read. The world feels real and lived in. The characters are alive and personal. You quickly become invested in them and feel their pain and victories. Wonderful introduction to the world. I am hooked! Mr. Bass reminds me of Fritz Leiber in the visual grittyness of his writing. Makes me feel as though I am walking the streets of Seahaven.”

“The rich description evokes all the senses, transporting you into the world of Seahaven. I enjoyed the cast of scraggly, rough seaside-town characters and the twisty storyline. Will definitely check out the other books in the series.”

“An excellent adventure into the world of Seahaven. Living characters and a vivid city that will draw you in and keep you reading. The author is a master craftsman who weaves a fresh tale of… no spoilers, I wouldn’t dream taking the joy of this book from you. It is a MUST read. High praise!”

“I found the story to be very enjoyable and I do look forward to reading the next book in the series. The characters were developed well and there are a few interesting concepts that add to the story.”

“This is an enjoyable, well imagined, fairly fast-paced read.”

“Can’t wait to see what else this author has in store for us!”