I became an author because of my love of storytelling. However, this love extends beyond the printed word. Film, television, and video games are all also passions of mine. I’ll be delving into some of my favorite examples of storytelling from these mediums and more!


A total war saga: troy
(pc game review)

Does this game live up to a bevy of lofty expectations, or are they as impenetrable as the walls of the fabled city of Troy itself?

The King (Film, 2019)

This film is an amazing retelling of Henry V’s rise to power and the Battle of Agincourt. It’s a deeply personal story of this young monarch who, despite being called “The Warrior King,” wished only for peace.

The Stranger (Film, 1946)

The Stranger is a great study into the concurrent similarities and dissimilarities between film noir and hardboiled detective fiction.

ironrise (board game review)

Ironrise, by Ironrise Games, is a board game where heroes and villains compete against each other to achieve noble or nefarious objectives in the steampunk world of Spirel.

World anvil review: lighting up the forge

Writing tools is a term often applied to the intangibles of our craft; our knowledge, skills, and techniques. I want to talk today about one of the more tangible writing tools at our disposal: World Anvil.