Welcome to the worlds of B.K. Bass

I really could go on about the beautifully wrought tapestry that not only provides a stunning background to an already good story but is a large part of this tale itself. I cannot say enough about the world building skills displayed here nor how expertly B.K. Bass is at painting a picture for the reader with few words.

Crystal Kirkham, Author – in her review of Warriors of Understone

A vital part of B.K.’s creative process is worldbuilding. He spends time painstakingly crafting entire realms to explore within his books, even though much of this never sees the page. Not content to write stories in one world, he has crafted a variety of fictional realms that each suit the styles of his various books.

B.K. is happy to share more about the worlds he has created right here on BKBass.com! Click the links or images below to be transported to realms of the fantastic, futuristic, and terrifying.

Seahaven, setting of The Ravencrest Chronicles

The Ravencrest Chronicles by B.K. Bass

Understone, setting of The Tales of Durgan Stoutheart

The Tales of Durgan Stoutheart by B.K. Bass

Coming Soon!

Erimos, setting of The Burning Sands

Istaria, setting of the upcoming Eternity War Series

Verden, setting of Tales From the Breach

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