Embark on a journey like none other as you enter the world of The Ravencrest Chronicles.  In the city of Seahaven, the common folk struggle to survive in poverty under the yoke of the wealthy aristocracy.  What most don’t realize, however, is that these nobles hold darker secrets than their hidden coffers of coin.  Under a corrupt government bent only on maintaining power and wealth, the peasantry must rely on thieves, pirates, and scoundrels to be their hidden heroes in the darkness. 

Experience tales of adventure, romance, and horror as these colorful rogues push back against the forces of darkness.  In a city plagued by vampires, zombies, and other creatures of the night, a secret war is waged in the shadows of the city streets.

The city of Seahaven lies on the eastern coast of a large continent, built around the natural harbor of Bleakstone bay. Populated by sailors, traders, merchants, thieves, and pirates; Seahaven is a city that revolves upon the spinning of coin. Coffers fill and empty as regularly as the tides in the bay, and fortunes are often made and lost overnight.

To the north lies Borska, a frigid land of sparse resources and peopled by a stoic and hardened society. To the south, beyond the bloody beaches and the vast jungles of Kath, the Hessian empire lords over sprawling desert lands that stretch further than many a ship dares to travel from the northern lands. In the west the land rises sharply into a series of mountain ranges, and chief among the disparate settlements found here is Dragonspire, once the seat of a mighty empire.

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