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Gareth Vann is an renowned thief in the city of Seahaven. The rugged scoundrel is mostly concerned with coin and drink, but has an altruistic streak he tries to hide. He never intended to be a hero, but when Gareth becomes the target of a pair of vampires, he finds himself trapped in the middle of a conspiracy that reaches all the way to Castle Ravencrest itself. To protect those he cares most about, Gareth must reluctantly hunt the creatures of the night the only way he knows how: From the shadows.

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BK. has been hard at work writing short fiction and making connections across the industry. Here’s just a few of the upcoming anthologies he’ll have work appearing in:


Into the Maw of Darkness

1850. The coast of Maine. When a private investigator is sent to discover the fate of a young debutaunte in a small whaling town, he finds himself embroiled in a mystery a hundred years in the making. But will he find the answers he seeks as he plunges Into the Maw of Darkness?

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The Dreadspire Chronicle

Five linked drabbles weave glimpses into the tale of a cursed being who haunts a forsaken tower in the heart of the city.

Coming in 2021!


Shackles of the Mind

Trapped on an alien ship in the far reaches of space, a young marine struggles to continue his mission. When voices fill his mind, he isn’t sure if the ship itself is talking to him, or if he’s simply going mad.

Coming in 2021!

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Stay tuned for some exciting news! New releases, new editions, new cover designs! I’m hard at work getting things tidied up around the lab, so excuse any dust and cobwebs while we get things ready for more amazing journeys ahead!

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