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Jace Cox’s life is changed when an overwhelming alien force invades the Earth with no warning or provocation.  In the years that follow, he must not only fight to survive; but also learn what it means to be a man and a leader.  As the situation grows more dire, he realizes that his greatest challenge isn’t the alien invaders or even his fellow man; it is holding onto his own humanity despite living in a world gone mad.

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What readers are saying about What Once Was Home

“An incredibly engaging and heart-wrenching journey.”
“The story grabbed me from the beginning to the very heartwarming end.”
“This book leads our main characters, and us as readers, into complex moral dilemmas.”
“This heartfelt, thrilling tale unfolds in unexpected ways, with brilliant twists – a thoroughly enjoyable story.”

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B.K. Bass is also part-owner, co-founder, and Acquisitions Director for Kyanite Publishing, a small independant publisher of speculative fiction seeking to publish speculative stories that entertain, engage, and awaken readers by authors with diverse voices and backgrounds. 

B.K. Bass is the Editor-in-Chief of the Kyanite Press, a quarterly journal of speculative fiction inspired by the pulp magazines of the early 20th century.

B.K. Bass is the Writing Department Chair for Worldbuilding Magazine, a volunteer-operated and free bi-monthly publication for the community, by the community.