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NightShifteReaderBloodIn New Angeles, crime is part of the daily business of running the city. But when a routine murder investigation starts turning up more questions than answers, homicide detective Harold Peterson finds himself unraveling a decades-old conspiracy that leads him to the highest echelons of the mob and the city government. As various threads start to come together, the big picture is revealed to be more than he ever bargained for. As bullets start to fly from both directions, the only thing Harold knows for sure is that he isn’t being paid enough to deal with this.

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Rated 5-Stars on both Amazon and Goodreads! Read the reviews here!

B.K. Bass is the author of several speculative fiction series:  The Ravencrest Chronicles, The Burning Sands, Beyond the Veil, and The Tales of Durgan Stoutheart.  He also is the author of the cyberpunk Night Trilogy: Night Shift, Night Life, and Night Shadow.  When not writing, B.K. works to cultivate talent as Acquisitions Director of Kyanite Publishing and Editor-in-Chief of the Kyanite Press journal of speculative fiction.

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Check out B.K. Bass’ latest editorial project:  Remnants!  Based on the world created by Stephen Coghlan, Remnants is a shared-world project with an open invitation for authors to submit their own stories to compile an anthology! Find out more HERE!

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