B.K. Bass

Freelance Editor

About B.K. Bass

I fell in love with reading in the fifth grade. Soon after, I was writing my own stories and crafting my own worlds. Now, thirty years later, I’ve harnessed my lifelong love of literature and written over a dozen books, edited a slew more for other authors, created and edited three anthologies, and was Editor-in-Chief of a literary journal for two years.

Now, I’d like to put thirty years of passion for literature and nearly five years of professional publishing to work for you.



Immersive Critique

I provide a detailed critique of the work. This will include feedback on the setting, plot, characters, tone, pacing, style, and themes, in addition to specific notes on topics relevant to the manuscript.

Developmental Editing

You will receive a full critique plus developmental comments throughout the manuscript relating to both highlights and opportunities to improve. You’ll also receive a chapter-by chapter breakdown.

Full service package

In addition to the critique and developmental edit, this package covers line editing, copy editing, and proofreading. Get everything from thematic analysis to the pruning of your extra commas in one place!


There are so many great things I could detail about working with B. K. Bass, and I am sure all of my praises would fall short in recognizing his skill in the craft. Hiring him as my editor has been, hands down, the best decision I’ve made for my book.

He is marvelous and I will continue to use his gig for all my work. Excellent in every way.

I wish all my experiences on Fiverr were the same as this one. A great communicator, very professional, and amazing quality of work. I’ve already booked him again!

Very thorough and detailed analysis. The notes are remarkable and goes beyond my expectations.

Very honest and in-depth evaluation of my first draft. Very good for the price also would work with you again! Really opened up my eyes to so many flaws of mine which was very constructive for my development as a writer in which I will implement Also very very swift delivery also if I could give another star I would 10/10.

Perfect. A great deal of resources were given, points were given on what could and should be improved upon and changed. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for honest criticism and help with improving your writing.

Oh, man! The best developmental critiques I could have asked for! Speedy as well! I highly recommend B.K.’s services! I’ll be back, soon!

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