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Storytelling in Motion: B.K. offers reviews, retrospectives, and impressions of great examples of storytelling in film, television, and video games.

Genre Studies

In this series of articles, B.K. takes a closer look at the history of speculative fiction genres, what binds them together, and what sets them apart.

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

B.K. takes us through the history, evolution, and rise to mainstream popularity of the post-apocalyptic genre.

Choose Your Own Apocalypse

B.K. takes a look at ten post-apocalyptic scenarios, and gives some advice for what to write and what to avoid.

The Fantasy Genre

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In this series of three articles, we take a look at the origin, history, and sub-genres of fantasy literature.  Part One covers the history of the genre.  Part Two looks at the main sub-genres.  Part Three examines the more niche sub-genres.

The History of
Science Fiction

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As broad in scope as B.K.’s series on the fantasy genre was, exploring all that is encompassed by the name Science Fiction is an undertaking of epic proportions!  Like daring explorers setting out to discover uncharted worlds, we take the first steps into a future full of opportunities!

Everything ‘Punk

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Like a mechanical octopus rising from the deep, the various ‘punk genres of speculative fiction can be surprising, amusing, and frightening! Discover more here about the history of the movement and the surprisingly broad range of sub-genres that have sprung from it!

Cosmic Horror: A Study of the Unkowable

Discover a realm of scheming cultists, gibbering monstrosities, elder gods, and the unthinkable vastness of the universe itself; and explore a genre which examines the insignificance of mankind in the face of these unknowable terrors.

An Author’s Journal

The Journey Home: The Making of What Once Was Home

A five-part retrospective journal on the writing of the novel, the twists it took, the sidetracks in the process, and what B.K. learned along the way.

Part One: My first Book

Part Two: What am I Doing?

Part Three: Slightly Sidetracked

Part Four: Back in the Saddle

Part Five: The End

Making It Personal

Any war-time setting is an exciting backdrop for a narrative; but should the story be about the war, or those who are fighting it?

Iconic Authors

Learn more about the lives, philosophies, and accomplishments of authors who have left a mark on the world and secured their place in the halls of immortality.

Ray Bradbury: The Man who Burned all the Books

Ray Bradbury (AUG 22, 1920 – JUN 5, 2012) was a prolific author who is credited with writing 27 novels and over 600 short stories, in addition to writing several film and television screenplays. His work helped shape the burgeoning genre of science fiction during the Golden Age of the 1950’s.

Expect more entries in this series in the near future, including the likes of Robert E. Howard, Isaac Asimov, Phillip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein, and Seabury Quinn.

You can also find a profile of H.P. Lovecraft in B.K.’s genre study article: Cosmic Horror: A Study of the Unkowable.

B.K.’s Worldbuilding Workshop

Step into the workshop where it all begins and learn about methods and resources for crafting believable worlds that come alive.

Worldbuilding in the Real World

Often when one thinks of worldbuilding, they think of crafting entire worlds drawn completely from the ether. B.K. answers the question: How do you worldbuild in a world that already exists?

Anthropology in Fantasy WorldBuilding

No período medieval, os conflitos inevitavelmente se transformavam em intermináveis sítios. Era uma estratégia que fazia sentido. As máquinas de cerco do período, como catapultas, balestras, trabucos e os primeiros […]

Explore a brief overview of how you can use concepts of cultural anthropology to tie your characters to your setting, thereby establishing the glue that will bind the people of your fantasy world to the world itself.

World Anvil Review: Lighting Up the Forge


Writing tools is a term often applied to the intangibles of our craft; our knowledge, skills, and techniques. I want to talk today about one of the more tangible writing tools at our disposal: World Anvil.

The Writing Desk

From crafting plots to getting to know your characters, B.K. takes a look at some of the finer points behind the craft of writing.

Lives of Legend

What if you could write a novel wherein a fictional character looks back on their own life and tells their own story.

Inspired by Life

Drawing from your own life experience is a great way to add vibrancy to your writing, and B.K. thinks you should write what you know, and love it too.

The Soap Box

They say never discuss religion and politics in polite company. This is the corner where B.K. breaks that rule.

The Syria Crisis


14 April, 2018 Considering the gravitas of today’s events, I feel that opening dialogues about what is happening is the only responsible thing to do.