Essays, Articles, and Musings

Genre Studies

In this series of articles, B.K. takes a closer look at the history of speculative fiction genres, what binds them together, and what sets them apart.

The Writing Desk

From crafting plots to getting to know your characters, B.K. takes a look at some of the finer points behind the craft of writing.

Worldbuilding Workshop

Step into the workshop where it all begins and learn about methods and resources for crafting believable worlds that come alive.

Iconic Authors

Learn more about the lives, philosophies, and accomplishments of authors who have left a mark on the world and secured their place in the halls of immortality.

Storytelling in Motion

B.K. offers reviews, retrospectives, and impressions of great examples of storytelling in film, television, games, and more.

Tales of the past

As a long time history buff, I find that some of the most fascinating stories to be found are those from our own past.

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