From crafting plots to getting to know your characters, B.K. takes a look at some of the finer points behind the craft of writing.

Lives of Legend

What if you could write a novel wherein a fictional character looks back on their own life and tells their own story.

Inspired by Life

Drawing from your own life experience is a great way to add vibrancy to your writing, and B.K. thinks you should write what you know, and love it too.

Making It Personal

Any war-time setting is an exciting backdrop for a narrative; but should the story be about the war, or those who are fighting it?

The Journey Home: The Making of What Once Was Home

A five-part retrospective journal on the writing of the novel, the twists it took, the sidetracks in the process, and what B.K. learned along the way.

setting the mood

Take a deep dive analyzing an old cliché, and learn how you can write more effective and efficient opening lines or paragraphs for your own story.