In this series of articles, B.K. takes a closer look at the history of speculative fiction genres, what binds them together, and what sets them apart.


Explore the prehistory of weird fiction and discover what literary movements lead to this nebulous genre that remains difficult to define.

Cosmic Horror: A Study of the UnkNowable

Discover a genre which examines the insignificance of mankind in the face of the unknowable vastness of the cosmos itself.

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

B.K. takes us through the history, evolution, and rise to mainstream popularity of the post-apocalyptic genre.

Choose Your Own Apocalypse

B.K. takes a look at ten post-apocalyptic scenarios, and gives some advice for what to write and what to avoid.

The Fantasy Genre

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In this series of three articles, we take a look at the origin, history, and sub-genres of fantasy literature.  Part One covers the history of the genre.  Part Two looks at the main sub-genres.  Part Three examines the more niche sub-genres.

The History of
Science Fiction

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As broad in scope as B.K.’s series on the fantasy genre was, exploring all that is encompassed by the name Science Fiction is an undertaking of epic proportions!  Like daring explorers setting out to discover uncharted worlds, we take the first steps into a future full of opportunities!

Everything ‘Punk

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Like a mechanical octopus rising from the deep, the various ‘punk genres of speculative fiction can be surprising, amusing, and frightening! Discover more here about the history of the movement and the surprisingly broad range of sub-genres that have sprung from it!


One of my favorite things about studying genres of fiction is finding ways to mix elements of them together in new and interesting ways. Sometimes, this adventure also leads me to understand a genre more based on its roots with older styles of fiction.