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Night Shift has appeared on Wattpad as a serial project, and is coming soon as an eBook novel published by Kyanite Glass, and electronic imprint of Kyanite Publishing!

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B.K. Bass writes at his studio in Tennessee. He enjoys crafting stories of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. B.K. has long been an avid reader, film buff, and all-around geek. B.K. is also the Acquisitions Director for Kyanite Publishing and Editor in Chief of the Kyanite Press, a bi-monthly journal of science fiction and fantasy short literature.

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My Current Project

Warriors of Understone

Born to a society with a rigid caste structure, Durgan is resigned to his fate as a stone-cutter. Wishing his name could resound in the hall of heroes, he yearns for the life of a warrior. When he commits the crime of bearing arms, his life will change and he must either learn to serve the dwarven traditions, or break the chains that bind his people.

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