Beyond the Veil: Book One

On a trip to the jungles of Peru, two treasure hunters discover something more than they expected. The more they part the veil, the more of what lies beyond the veil spills into our reality.

American treasure hunter Richard Jericho and British professor of archaeology Wilkins Chapman have uncovered antiquities from around the world. On their most recent trip to the jungles of Peru, they discover something more than they expected. As the fabric of reality comes apart, they must journey across the globe chasing clues. As answers leads to more questions, they piece together a puzzle older than primal memory itself.

And the more they part the veil, the more of what lies beyond the veil spills into our reality.

Length: Novel, approx 250 pages
Genres: Horror, Cosmic Horror, Alternative History, Archaeological Adventure

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Praise for Parting the Veil

“Finished this gem in 5 hours…I just couldn’t put it down. The rich history and landscapes bring the imagery right to you and the descriptive horror had me reeling. Can’t wait for more of this story!”
5 Stars from Michael Nadeau on Goodreads

A quick trip down the gothic rabbit hole. This story includes aspects of Lovecraft, Verne and the Indiana Jones series, yet the author has a voice that is distinctly his own. Bass is excellent at combining craft elements we usually expect in literary fiction (strong character development,interiority, and carful attention to setting) while not taking away from the action (or fun!)
Full disclosure: I was lent a digital ARC to review, but have an order in for my print copy – it’s that good.
5 Stars from Professor Cognome on Goodreads

There are very few writers today who can craft a world the way B.K. Bass can. It’s rich, it’s layered, and it’s enticing. The characters are real, the story is gripping, and you are a bit sad when you reach the last page. As much as I want to gush about my favorite this or that, even the slightest detail would lead to spoilers.
Slow hand clap for Parting the Veil.
5 Stars from J.D. Sanderson on Goodreads

An Enthralling and Epic Adventure of Twists, Turns & Mystery! 
I was given an Advanced Reader Copy of “Parting the Veil” in exchange for an honest review. 
“Parting the Veil” is hands down one the best books I have read in a long time! I am so looking forward to the continuation of this epic adventure in Book II of this “Beyond the Veil” series and see what else this author will bring us in the future! Bass’s writing is sublime, rich, seamless, and not a word is wasted! 
This story is a snappy, yet rich, action-packed journey in the midst of the turmoil of the late 1930’s & is full of mystery and adventure. I found myself effortlessly enthralled by Bass’s “Parting the Veil” from the first sentence to the last, eagerly turning each page. This is not a book to miss if you enjoy fiction, adventure, history, mystery in any combination. 
BK Bass is most definitely an author to watch! He is a rising star!
5 Stars from Jill Squire on Goodreads

I hesitate to call this book “immensely readable,” only because the phrase seems inadequate to explain how quickly the reader is dragged into the story.
Bass presents a story that leans heavily on Lovecraftian influence, but also borrows the tone of many great pulp fiction tales. From the very opening of this horror-adventure, the world hangs in peril, and only a mismatched pair of explorers can stop a mad man from tearing apart the fabric of reality.
The characters are enjoyable, the story is unpredictable, and the payoff is outstanding. Clearly an introduction to a larger series, my curiosity is piqued, and my appetite is whetted. I can’t wait to see what Bass has in store.
(Disclosure: I received an advanced copy of this book and have been published in a journal edited by Bass.)
5 Stars from Chad Christy on Goodreads

I had the privilege of being able to read an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of this incredible novel.
This isn’t the first book I’ve had a chance to read as an ARC by B.K. Bass. I previously reviewed Warriors of Understone and absolutely loved it. I consider myself lucky to be able to read more of his work. Of course, that means I have certain expectations going into reading this novel.
If you read my previous review of his work, you will have noticed that I went on and on about the world-building. While this is an entirely different style of novel with it based in our world instead of one that B.K. wholly created, that doesn’t mean a certain amount of world-building isn’t required. In fact, you are trying to create your own reality within an existing world can sometimes be harder.
I am happy to report that once again, B.K. delivers on giving you a rich and wonderful world based on our reality. Not to mention delivering some incredible imagery with an exciting, rapid-paced plot.
I will also be honest in saying that this is my first time reading cosmic horror though I am someone who does love my standard horror novels. This is not a book that sets out to scare you like standard horror novels. This is a good thing for me since I am not someone who is easily scared
All right, enough of this. Let me tell you about this book. Right away I was drawn in by the Indiana Jones atmosphere of the first chapter that played beautifully into the genre. Our main characters Richard and Wilkins have a wonderful dynamic that I liked at the beginning and loved by the end of the book.
This book is a thrill ride right from the beginning. The pacing is wonderful, the settings are alive and. from my knowledge, well researched. I enjoyed it immensely. Going to say the story went from this is good to ‘I don’t want to put it down’ by the time we hit the bayou. I wanted to know what was going to happen next.
As the story progressed into Spain there was no denying that I was hooked and though the ending is great, nearly perfect in fact, it leaves you knowing that there will be more to look forward to! If you love adventure, if you have any fondness for cosmic horror at all then this needs to be on your must-read list.
Or as the French would say, cette histoire est incroyable!
5 stars from Crystal Kirkham on Goodreads

When I sat down to read Parting the Veil, I did not realise that it would consume my life until it was done. I literally could not put the book down without a great yearning to know more about what would happen to the characters next.
This story focuses upon an unlikely team of treasure hunters in the form of a brash, rich American explorer, and a more reserved and cautious English archaeologist/academic. Together they have made a business from seeking out rare and presumed lost artefacts and selling them to the highest bidder. Their latest find however holds a dark secret that they had never anticipated, and it is just the beginning to an extraordinary adventure that will make them question everything they have ever known.
Richard and Wilkins have a relationship reminiscent of Brendan Fraser and John Hannah from ‘The Mummy’ (1999) and play off each other wonderfully as they chase around the world for the location of mysterious idols from an ancient civilization. But they are not alone in this endeavour and they face all manner of foe set upon deterring them from their mission.
Do not think that this is any ordinary adventure though, as BK Bass introduces a world of bizarre horror and creatures that will leave you completely engrossed and amazed. The potential for this series going forward is unfathomable, and you will soon realise that there are literally no holds barred and anything could happen. So, if you like edge of the seat action and adventure, mixed with bizarre horror, then maybe this should be your next read.
5 stars from Anthony D. Redden on Goodreads