The Night Trilogy

The Night Trilogy follows detective Harold Peterson as he unravels a conspiracy running to the highest levels of society in New Angeles.  When technology isn’t enough to solve a murder mystery, Harold must fall back on good old detective work.  But when he starts to turn over clues, he begins to unravel a conspiracy that others desperately want to stay hidden.

Night Shift by B.K. Bass

Books Two and Three Coming Soon!


Harold must continue his investigation outside of the bounds of the law if he wants to get to the bottom of the conspiracy entangling New Angeles and clear his name. Going off the grid isn’t easy in the connected world of the future, but he has no other choice.


Finally loosing faith in the system, Harold takes matters into his own hands and begins to dispense justice from the barrel of a gun. Will he finally clean up this city, or will his one-man crusade be the end of him?