The Ravencrest Chronicles

Adventures of thieves, pirates, scoundrels, and cutthroats…and those are the good guys! 

Embark on a journey like none other as you enter the world of The Ravencrest Chronicles.  In the city of Seahaven, the common folk struggle to survive in poverty under the yoke of the wealthy aristocracy.  Against threats that lurk in the shadows, the peasantry must rely on thieves, pirates, and scoundrels to be their hidden heroes in the darkness.

Experience tales of adventure, romance, and horror as these colorful rogues push back against the forces of darkness.  In a city plagued by vampires, zombies, and other creatures of the night, a secret war is waged in the shadows of the city streets.

Seahaven by BK Bass

The Ravencrest Chronicles will continue soon in The Shadow Cult series!

A mysterious cult has infiltrated every part of Seahaven, from the most respected nobility all the way down to the dockworker’s guild. Gareth leads the charge in unraveling this dark conspiracy, joined by friends old and new.

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Seahaven Map