Like a travelling notebook, B.K.’s writing can be found far and wide.  This page houses a comprehensive list of all works that he has published online and links to them!

Discovering New Worlds discusses a different sub-genre of speculative fiction in each installment, followed immediately by a piece of flash fiction in the discussed genre written by myself!  Get ready for an amazing journey with these hybrid articles and stories!

Magepunk: Crimson Storm
What do you get when you mix magic and technology? This genre explores that question and more, and in Crimson Storm B.K. spins a tale of a flying pirate ship fueled by magic!

Planetary Romance: Marooned
A stranger in a strange land, the heroes of planetary romance tales often find themselves marooned on another planet, such as the hero of B.K.’s foray into the genre does when his escape pod lands on an undiscovered world.

Social Science Fiction: Integration Protocols
Often setting aside hard science and action in favor of exploring deeper human themes, social science fiction is a window into the human condition. In Integration Protocols, a man bears witness to the cruelty a government inflicts on its immigrants.

From applying studies of history and science in worldbuilding to delving into literary theory, B.K. has contributed a variety of articles to the pages of Worldbuilding Magazine. A publication by the community for the community, all issues are available as free PDFs!

Feudal Economics
B.K. unravels the complexity of feudal economies, land rights, and ownership in this quick primer on the dominant economic system of medieval Europe.
Issue Theme: Economics
Also appearing on Nerdolopedia
Also appearing on Mythic Scribes

Weaving a Romantic Thread
B.K. breaks down the mystery of writing romance into a plot-outlining method to help with integrating romantic sub-plots into our narratives.
Issue Theme: Gender and Relationships
Also appearing on Mythic Scribes

Reaching for the Stars: Designing Spacecraft for Hard Science Ficiton
B.K. takes a look a the building blocks of designing spacecraft grounded in real science for our science fiction stories.
Issue Theme: Technology

Death Incarnate: Deities of Death and the Afterlife
This article examines the myths and legends related to death and the afterlife.
Issue Theme: Death and Taxes
Also appearing on Nerdolopedia


Molting season
When an average office drone’s Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder leads to an odd malady, he undergoes a physical and psychological metamorphosis.
Published by Kyanite Press Online

Knight of Arcadia – Chapter One, Chapter Two
Bruce wanted to stay out of politics, but when there’s a mob of protesters trying to kill an alien woman that he’s standing next to, he has to decide which side he is on.
Published by Collective Unrest

A Diamond Among the Rough
Enter a world of cyberpunk noir as a hardboiled detective investigates what seems to be a typical murder.  What he finds leads him to believe that there is more going on than he had expected.
Lore Publication science fiction contest winner!
Published by Lore Publication


Polishing Gemstones: The Author-Editor Relationship
B.K. gives us a perspective from both sides of the editing desk, and lets us know that our gut reaction shouldn’t stand in the way of perfection.
Published by The Worlds of Michael D. Nadeau

Five Rules for Great Blurbs
B.K. breaks down the mystery of writing a great blurb with five simple rules every author needs to know.
Published by Kyanite Press Online

What is Speculative Horror?
Both speculative fiction and horror fiction are umbrella terms that include a broad range of sub-genres. They are not mutually exclusive of each other, nor mutually inclusive.  Here we take a look at what defines the special place where both overlap along with some historical examples.
Published by Kyanite Press Online

Evil Not Included
When creating a villain, does this character necessarily have to be evil?  I explore the ideas of creating villains based on opposing sociopolitical objectives.
Published by The Dark Lord Journal