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Like a travelling notebook, B.K.’s writing can be found far and wide.  This page houses a comprehensive list of all works that he has published online and links to them!

Molting season

When an average office drone’s Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder leads to an odd malady, he undergoes a physical and psychological metamorphosis.

Published by Kyanite Press Online

Death Incarnate: Deities of Death and the Afterlife

Appearing in Volume 1, Issue 1 of Worldbuilding Magazine: Death and Taxes; this article examines the myths and legends related to death and the afterlife from our own history, and applies these ideas to worldbuilding for fantasy fiction.

Published by Worldbuilding Magazine

Knight of Arcadia – Chapter One

Knight of Arcadia – Chapter Two

When a factory worker is just trying to get to the to make a living, his world is turned upside down.  Bruce wanted to stay out of politics, but when there’s a mob of protesters trying to kill an alien woman that he’s standing next to, he has to decide which side he is on.

Published by Collective Unrest

Evil Not Included

When creating a villain, does this character necessarily have to be evil?  I explore the ideas of creating villains based on opposing sociopolitical objectives.

Published by The Dark Lord Journal

Hunting the Hunter

Gareth and Miles, heroes of The Ravencrest Chronicles, defend the city of Seahaven together.  Join them as they hunt down one of the fowl creatures that stalk the dark city streets.

Published by The Wet Ink Project.

A Diamond Among the Rough

Enter a world of cyberpunk noir as a hardboiled detective investigates what seems to be a typical murder in the city of New Angeles.  What he finds, however, leads him to believe that there is more going on than he had expected.

Lore Publication science fiction contest winner!

Published by Lore Publication

Discovering New Worlds with B.K. Bass

Discovering New Worlds will discuss a different sub-genre of speculative fiction on the last Friday of every month, followed immediately by a piece of flash fiction in the discussed genre written by myself!  Get ready for an amazing journey with these hybrid articles and stories!

Published by Kyanite Press Online