Warriors Of Understone is back!

After a long hiatus of waiting to be revised, then being revised, the second edition of Warriors of Understone is finally here! Embark on a heroic fantasy that tackles surprisingly deep themes, including class struggle, social mobility, bullying, discrimination, and women’s empowerment. Become immersed in a dwarven kingdom that’s lovingly crafted to bring these fantasy side characters to the center stage and give them a vibrant culture and rich history. Along the way, root for a budding will-they-or-won’t-they romance.

What readers on Goodreads said about Warriors of Understone

“I was immediately immersed into the detailed society and caught up within the caste structure and setting completely. Each character spoke with their own unique voice and pursued a grounded agenda. Their interactions wove seamlessly into a rich tapestry of visceral reality.”

“This book takes you deep into a setting rife with tradition and the stuffy winds of change. The culture is done well and the flavor it is written in is fresh. If you like fantasy at all you will love this book!”

“This book was amazing, and I would recommend it to anyone.”

B.K. Bass proudly presents: Warriors of Understone

The kingdom of Understone is enslaved to tradition and stagnates in isolation.

When an incident in the quarries drags Durgan away from the only life he knows, he becomes entangled in webs of political intrigue, domestic turmoil, and romance.

He must struggle to overcome his common birth and the prejudices of a stagnant society to become one of the warriors of Understone — a sprawling dwarven city deep beneath the mountains, at the heart of a kingdom that has not changed its ways in centuries.

Durgan may overcome opponents with axe and shield, but can he change the values of his people with the same tools?

Genres: Fantasy, High Fantasy, Heroic Fantasy
Tags: Dwarves, Urban, Subterranean, Social Justice, Political Intrigue
Length: Novella (Approx 125 pages)

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(Paperback coming soon.)