When his world is torn apart, one man must learn to survive in What Once Was Home.

Jace Cox’s life is changed when an overwhelming alien force invades the Earth with no warning or provocation.  In the years that follow, he must not only fight to survive; but also learn what it means to be a man and a leader.  As the situation grows more dire, he realizes that his greatest challenge isn’t the alien invaders or even his fellow man; it is holding onto his own humanity despite living in a world gone mad.

Length: Novel (Approx. 360 pages)
Genres: Science FIction, Post apocalyptic, military scifi

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Praise for What Once Was Home

Bass effectively immerses the reader into his gripping story. As a reader, I found myself traversing difficult forested terrain right alongside the young, teen, Jace, dodging bug-like invaders and experiencing his deep inner conflict while striving to escape notice, torn between fearing for his father’s life, yet driven to make his way to his back mother’s side to ensure her safety.

Bass takes us on an engrossing journey as we grow up alongside Jace in this compelling coming of age tale, as this young man shoulders enormous responsibility, without taking a breath, while he sheds the naive innocence of sheltered youth. We are able to sink our teeth into his angst with his realization there are many shades of gray in each of his decisions and cheer Jace on in his undaunted courage.

This heartfelt, thrilling tale unfolds in unexpected ways, with brilliant twists – a thoroughly enjoyable story, indeed.

Highly recommended!

— Jill Squire on Goodreads. 5 stars.

Every step of the way, I was enthralled by Jace’s story. Every word drew me so deep into this world, that it became real to me. It’s what I want when I read a book, a movie in my head. An incredibly engaging and heart-wrenching journey. With an ending that made me sit back and repeat the word “Damn” to myself several times. Because, damn.

What Once Was Home stunningly combined the incredible speculative elements that I love about science fiction with the engaging personal stories and moving internal struggle that continues to draw me back to contemporary fiction.

Compelling characters, fast-moving plot, and a world you can sink into—you really cannot ask for more from any story. Even if science fiction and alien invasions aren’t your things, this is a book you do NOT want to miss out on. Jace’s journey is one that I think will touch many readers and bring them back again and again.

— Crystal Kirkham on Goodreads. 5 stars.

Bass’s story is engaging and delves into human emotions, joy, pain, and loss. The story grabbed me from the beginning to the very heartwarming end. Bass is an excellent story spinner and his descriptive writing drew me into this bleak world. What can I say? It is terrific and I highly recommend this book. I look forward to reading more of B.K.’s books in the future. A five-star treat.

— K.D. on Goodreads. 5 stars.