The Ravencrest Chronicles Timeline

With the new release of The Pirate King Duology, some may be wondering where the best place to start with The Ravencrest Chronicles is? Where does each book fit in with the other, and what order should they be read in? While most of the books are written to stand on their own, there areContinue reading “The Ravencrest Chronicles Timeline”

World Ember Results!

Today was the official awards ceremony from World Anvil for their annual World Ember event (see my article on this here.) My own work in the challenge was in the short-lists for seven different categories, and I placed in four of them! I’d like to share the results here, along with links to the articlesContinue reading “World Ember Results!”

YouTube Interview

My interview with Jesper Schmidt on Fane of Fantasy is online! Click here to see it now! We discuss applying the concepts of sociology to fantasy world-building. Come take a look! Don’t forget to like and subscribe.  Jesper has a lot of amazing and informative videos on his channel about world-building and developing aspects ofContinue reading “YouTube Interview”