Science Fiction Genres – Part One

Interstellar space travel, alien invasions, nuclear holocaust, and futuristic computers; what do all of these thing have in common? They are all elements found within science fiction literature.  We looked at the history of science fiction in our last installment.  Many works of science fiction fit nicely into a well established set of sub-genres, while others defyContinue reading “Science Fiction Genres – Part One”

The Fantasy Genre: Part Three

Part three of our series on the fantasy genre has been published! Click here to read it now! In this article, we take a deeper dive into the more niche sub-genres of fantasy literature.

The Fantasy Genre: Part 2

The second part of our series exploring the fantasy genre is now available! In this second section of a three-part journey, I’ll be examining each of the major sub-genres of fantasy more closely.  In the first part, we looked at the history and evolution of the fantasy genre as a whole.  This time, we will beContinue reading “The Fantasy Genre: Part 2”

Sociology in Fantasy World Building

I’ve decided to add a series of essays, articles, musings, and ramblings to my website.  This one will be the first of many, and I think it will be interesting for anybody who is creating their own fantasy world. Click here to be taken to the article!