The Tales of Durgan Stoutheart: Book One

Durgan may overcome opponents with axe and shield, but can he change the very values of his society with the same tools?

Durgan must struggle to overcome not only his common birth but also the prejudices of a stagnant and isolated society to become one of the warriors of Understone. The sprawling dwarven city lies deep beneath the mountains, at the heart of a kingdom that has not changed its ways in centuries. Plagued by threats both within and without, life is a constant struggle to survive and a furious battle is around every corner. Durgan may overcome opponents with axe and shield, but can he change the very values of his society with the same tools?

Length: Novella, approx 150 pages
Genres: Fantasy, Heroic Fantasy, Political Drama

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Praise for Warriors of Understone:

This book takes you deep into a setting rife with tradition and the stuffy winds of change. The culture is done well and the flavor it is written in is fresh. If you like fantasy at all you will love this book!

Michael Nadeau on Goodreads. 5 stars.

Warriors of Understone is an excellent new novella crafted by the skilled hand of B.K. Bass. I was immediately immersed into the detailed society and caught up within the caste structure and setting completely. Each character spoke with their own unique voice and pursued a grounded agenda. Their interactions wove seamlessly into a rich tapestry of visceral reality. Everything had a real and immediate feel to it. The story carried me along at a breathless pace, building up to a satisfying finale that I wouldn’t dare spoil for you. I devoured the entire work in one sitting, unable to put it down until I was finished. That, more than anything will tell you how deeply I was caught up in the tale. I was impressed by the detail of character and the depth of setting that Mr. Bass put into so few pages. It’s rare for me to encounter a novella that has such a solidly epic feel. I had the same, deep satisfaction at the end as if it had been written as a multi-book series.
B.K. Bass is a master world crafter and this work shows his skills at their best.

— M.E. II on Goodreads. 5 stars.

“It takes two things to make me fall fully in love with a high-fantasy story: a richly developed world and intriguing characters that drive the plot forward. Warriors of Understone does not fail to deliver on either of these aspects in great quantity.

I was enthralled by the world that B.K. Bass created in this novella. From the history of this dwarven world to the intricate rules of the society within, B.K. created a delightfully rich and wonderful world in which to set this story. I found characters here that were beautifully developed and made real. B.K. created a sympathetic protagonist right from the start. But he doesn’t leave it there, as the story develops in this wonderfully character-driven plotline, you learn that what is at stake is more than you ever imagined.”

— Crystal Kirkham (Read the full review HERE!)

WOW. After the dramatis personae and breakdown of dwarven pronouns in the beginning, I knew I was going to enjoy it – but I didn’t know I was going to enjoy it THIS much. I loved it.

The world was masterfully developed. The characters were colorful. The writing style is beautiful – and at times, reminiscent of the George MacDonald fantasy novels I loved growing up. Very excited to read more in this series.

— Aisha Tritle on Goodreads, 5 stars.

What B.K. Bass gives us in Warriors of Understone is character-driven fiction that uses the fictional world and all its nuances as a jumping-off point for the actual meat of the story. And the story, for all its fantastical elements, is a very human story about very human things. That’s what makes it special and, arguably, what makes any fantasy story magical: Less time spent describing a feast from a thousand years ago and more time focusing on motivation.

Even if fantasy isn’t your bag, give Warriors of Understone a read.

— Eric Lahti on Goodreads, 5 stars.
Also, read the full review on his website HERE!